Terms and Conditions


Thank you for considering a Royal Highlands Dairy Goat. We know these terms and conditions are long, but they are meant to be as much of an education to you the buyer as anything. We want to communicate to you up front some things that may come up with preordering and/or shipping live animals. If you have questions, please ask. If you see a breeding we have not planned that you would be interested in, please let us know and we may be able to work with you. We also may have quality milkers available each spring. If you are interested in one of our milking does, or if you see something in particular you would be interested in, please let us know. We require that all buyers accept in writing the terms and conditions listed below at the time of deposit on any Royal Highlands animal.

General Terms: We suggest you make a backup choice in case your animal is not born or available. If someone has picked your backup kid as their primary pick though, they do get first choice of available kids out of that breeding. We all take a chance when looking for certain animals out of a breeding, because you never know what will be born. For the breeder it is allowing a deposit on a breeding and having the kid turn out really nice and then honoring the sale of the kid. At this time, we will NOT retain any kid that has a prior deposit put on it.
All kids are sold registered and named or with an ADGA registration application if preordered and not otherwise noted. Animals not preordered will likely be registered by us. We do ask you to use tact in picking names for animals we have bred if we give you the option to name them.

We DO on occasion take deposits on bucks out of first fresheners, as we do not retain any doe we feel could produce unsatisfactory kids. However, we do retain the right to a final decision of availability until after the dam freshens and we have a chance to evaluate her and her production.

Health: We DO guarantee the health of a kid or any animal sold on the day-of-sale, but NOT after it leaves our farm due to too many environmental or management variables on the purchasers end. If you have health questions, please ask, before you come to pick up your kid or have it shipped. Educate yourself, and we can help you to do so.

We sell only goats that are in our opinion good quality. If any kid is veterinarian certified as genetically unsound or infertile and deemed not to be due to the buyers poor management, then the animal will be replaced or refunded once we receive the original registration, as well as any other requested documentation back. (we do not pay shipping, veterinarian or other related costs on animals after leaving our farm). Any animal that receives a refund or is replaced may not be sold with papers, nor may any animal be registered from it.

Our Herd is 100% CAE & CL NEGATIVE, and tested yearly PRIOR to pregnancy. We do NOT pasteurize our milk for our kids. However, we will feed your pre-ordered kid pasteurized milk on request at additional cost (decided at the time), though we do not recommend it. We feel kids fed pasteurized milk may have immune deficiencies. If you want to have your kid fed pasteurized milk, we require that the full price of the kid be paid at time of deposit and notice given to us at least 30 days prior to kidding to do so. Feel free to ask about any other special treatment you would like your animal to have. We will be happy to work with you and your future kid.

Payment: We require a $100 deposit to reserve the kid of your choice. If a reserved kid is not born or if it is
not available for any reason, the deposit will be transferred to another available kid of your choice or refunded
in full. Deposits are NOT refundable on buyer-cancelled orders. The remaining balance is due within 2 weeks
of notification of availability of your kid. If payment is not received within 2 weeks of notification, the animal
may be resold and all monies paid will be forfeited. We gladly accept checks for deposits as long as they clear;
they should be made out to Scott Probert. We do require that the balance be paid with certified funds (cash,
money order, cashier's check). We may accept kid trades on equal animals, if we are interested in your animal.
If you have something you would be interested in trading, just ask!!

Pickup: We encourage you to pick up your kids here at the farm. It is usually less expensive, and you get to
see your kid and its parents, take pictures etc. Please call ahead and set up a time, so we can know you are
coming and make sure we are available. If a kid is not picked up within 6 weeks, boarding fees will apply;
unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon.

Shipping: We can ship kids out of the Spokane International Airport. It is about a 3hr round trip, so
transportation of your kid if needed to the airport is $100. All other shipping fees, crates, health certificates
requested or required or any other related fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Full payment must be received
prior to shipping. Kids must be shipped between 4-6 weeks, unless prior arrangement has been agreed to. If a
kid is not shipped by 6 weeks because of the buyer's delay, boarding fees will apply.

Collection: We may have our bucks collected on in the future. We require that up to 20 straws of semen be
made available to us at the price of collection from any buck we sell, if we should ever request it.

Buck Services/Boarding: We do not offer outside buck services or boarding. If you need buck services
please call/write and we can help you get what you need.

Returns: We strive to be 100% truthful about the condition and possible performance of all animals sold.
But due to disease prevention and our inability to know the management practices of the new owner, we do
NOT guarantee performance, take back or give refunds on animals after leaving our farm, except under
exceptional circumstances. If we are interested and/or willing, we may buy back an animal for a negotiated
price. If you feel you have an exceptional circumstance, feel free to ask for a suitable agreement to be worked
out. Please ask questions and know your animals before you buy them.

Communication: We like to maintain contact with people who own our animals. We want to make sure all
who purchase our animals enjoy them as much as we do. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call
us and we will be happy to help. Also, if you ever sell an animal you purchased from us, please pass our name
and contact information along to the new owner.

       Thank you for considering our herd,
                           The Probert Family


For a printable version, please click here: Terms and Conditions Form