Royal Highlands is a small family farm located in beautiful North Idaho. We are centrally located just a short 45 minutes from Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, or Spokane.

We produce all products naturally. We use ONLY Certified Organic /Non-GMO seed for our plants and we do NOT use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides  or insecticides.






Reliability and Quality — We believe in doing all things as unto God, the Creator of all this beautiful food : ).  Therefore the food that we sell we desire to be the best possible.
Freshness — How do you get more freshness than harvested within the last 24-72 hours???  Not only is your produce just freshly harvested but it wasn’t shipped halfway around the country or the world!
Health — In the world we live in today, unfortunately there is arising more and more concern about the food that is available in the supermarkets. We are committed to growing non-GMO foods using sustainable practices and feeding our soil with natural resources.  We believe in harvesting food when it is RIPE, when all the vitamins have developed (not to mention flavor)!  Sometimes this might mean a crack in your tomato, but the nutrition you receive by allowing the tomato to ripen on the vine (as opposed to harvesting green) is unsurpassable!
Flavor — Taste, taste, taste!!!  We are committed to selecting not just the standard varieties, but varieties that taste good.  We grow all of these incredible vegetables not only to sell, but also for our own eating!
Beauty — We grow things that not only taste fabulous but look good too!   For example we enjoy growing colored carrots, beets, radishes and beans.  It makes your whole kitchen experience so much more fun!
It is our heart’s desire that you have complete nutrition.  So whether you’re looking for a bunch of radishes to add to your salad, 50 lbs of carrots to juice, 100# of cucumbers to pickle or just some spinach to add to your morning smoothie, we hope that ROYAL HIGHLANDS will be your choice for healthy produce!





“Can’t believe that your fresh salad mix lasted 2 full weeks in my fridge.  Your produce is the best!”


 Hayden customer-