Royal Highlands MerrySweetThym


Royal Highlands MerrySweetThym

Thyme is a special doeling. We waited for years to get this girl, so that makes her rather special. She is a long, flat doe, characteristic of Valet's doelings. Her dam Rosemary is a nice doe that got her final score of 90 VVEE. She is already showing a lot of promise to follow in her dam's hoofprints. We are really looking forward to seeing this girl mature. 2016 Update: We're ecstatic that being a late April kid! Thyme freshened this year. If Thyme took her merry sweet time appearing, she surely didn't wait to show she was worth something. She freshened with a lovely mammary system and peaked at 5 1/2# this year!  She is already showing promise in becoming a deep smoothly blended doe. Look for more from this doe in the future!

2017 Update: We have a saying around here that Thyme take her time to do anything! Well almost anything, that is except for maturity! After kidding with triplets she peak right at 11#with a gorgeous mammary system! Unlike many other does Thyme never sacrificed her body for milk, and is continuing to be a beautiful deep bodied doe. For two I'm not sure how to expect more!

2019 Update: It's hard to believe Thyme is already four!

She is really developing quite nicely and is a great milker to boot,    

peaking right at 12#this year. She also gave us a beautiful set of triplets . We are retaining her buck as well as one of the doelings. We look forward to having her son as another one of our herd sires.

2020 update: Thyme is running steady again this year at 11#.














Date of Birth: 4/29/2015thym udder 17

Registration Number:  N1790959   (Click for ADGA pedigree)                                                    

CAE:  Negative 2020

CL: Parents Negative 2016

Johne's: Not tested

G6S: Sire Normal (by parentage), Dam not tested       









Kidding Record:
1-01    1 buckling
2-00    3 Bucklings
2-11    1 Buckling, 1 Doeling
3-09    1 Buckling, 2 Doelings (RH.Knight Thyme),(R.H Aloe Vera)
4-10    2 Bucklings,1 Doeling  (R.H Cherry Thyme)
5-11    2 Bucklings,1 Doeling  (R.H Sweet Dream)

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Royal Highlands Valet



Sire's Sire:

Lot-O-Pines Valence



Sire's Sire's Sire:

Goldthwaite Atlast

+*B 88 VEV @ 4 yrs


Sire's Sire's Dam:

SG Bedouin Dark Crystal

Elite 8*M 91 EEEE @ 7 yrs.

dark crystal


Sire's Dam:

Royal Highlands Ladybug


lady bug

Sire's Dam's Sire:

My-Enchanted-Acres SonRise

*B 87 VVV @ 1 yr

Sire Development Buck





Sire's Dam's Dam:

SG Bedouin Glitterbug

9*M Elite 90 EEEE @ 6



Lot-O-Pines Rosemary

5*M 90 VVEE @ 5 yrs


Dam's Sire:

Bedouin Finale

88 VEV

Dam's Sire's Sire:

Goldthwaite Atlast

+*B 88 VEV @ 4 yrs


Dam's Sire's Dam:

Bedouin Jumping Bean

89 EVEV @ 9 yr



Dam's Dam:

SG Lot-O-Pines Delight

4*M 90 VEEE @ 4 yrs

'12 Top 10 in Butterfat


Dam's Dam's Sire:

Goldthwaite Atlast

+*B 88 VEV @ 4 yrs


Dam's Dam's Dam:

SG Bedouin Enchantres'

3*M 90 EEEV @ 6 yrs