A Little About Us………


In 1995 we city folk moved onto our property, never guessing what the Lord would hold in store for us in the upcoming 20 years!  WOW, so hard to believe that we have lived here over 20 years!  Life is an amazing thing.  The Bible says “life is a vapor”, boy do we find that SOOOOO true.  Days so quickly turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.





When we moved here we had two little girls, lots of tie wire for repairs, visions for animals and gardens, but really no idea where to begin………….  Jumping to the present, we have added 10 children, approx. 20 goats, 40 chickens, and thousands and thousands of plants ready to go into the ground!  We now plant an approximately 3 acre garden including 5 greenhouses which we use to produce a variety of produce.  We all love to garden and work together as a family.  In the garden is where God is able to teach us many valuable lessons about life, such as sowing and harvesting.  It is easy for even the children to see that when we plant a radish seed we ALWAYS harvest a radish NEVER a cucumber!  So is it in life; if we sow kindness, love, and good hard work, we will reap the harvest!



Since our journey began here on the farm we continue each year to learn more and more about health and nutrition which is why we have chosen to be “farmers” by occupation 🙂 .  We see that growing with quality standards, organic or non-gmo seeds and fresh mountain water plus harvesting food at just the right time when the vitamins and flavor are at their peak ALL contribute to our health and the health and production of our soil.  We love having not only fresh harvested produce to share with others but also fresh baked breads (made with freshly ground wheat), plus much more!

We absolutely love producing vegetables that will help people’s bodies and minds be strong and healthy by feeding true nutrition.  Just like we believe that “feeding” on the Bible, will strengthen our spirit, so that we can have  a “healthy” spirit to do the will of our Heavenly Father.

We look forward to having you join us in our journey to better health and fresh food!!!